Holographically Projected Sports Stadium Score Boards for High Schools, Colleges, and the Pros

There have been various stories in the online news about local high schools around the country getting giant, billboard sized, digital score boards. These are magnificent electronic displays, like a flat screen HD TV but enormous in size. The cost is also amazingly high but those schools that can afford it, are going for it, and then selling ads in the local community and the booster club coughs up the rest.

Still, with this level of high-tech gadgetry it seems that perhaps they ought to skip a couple of incremental gains in technology and instead go straight to the futuristic holographic score boards. How so you ask?

Well, my concept here would be to have a 3-D experience above the stadium, perhaps even watching 3-D instant replays in mid-air, or re-projected onto the field in a place where no players are, such as the opposite side of the field, and then run it all in slow motion. Now you might think my concept here is far to Science Fiction like to even be plausible, but I say to you, it will be possible within a short amount of time. In fact, we already have the technology, albeit a bit crude now. However, if many schools did it, and the NBA, NHL, NFL, and other sports like European Football then the manufacturers could make it happen very soon.

Consider if you will that IBM has already allotted $5 Billion in research, a huge piece for holographic projection and spectral imaging. Apple just announced $1 Billion in new technology R&D. So, imagine this. You go to the game, and watch the holographic replay, download it to your iPad or iPhone and replay it yourself in the stand, or save it to you device or to the Apple Cloud. Can you imagine how cool this will be? And what about watching the video tape in the locker room for the players or after the game for training?

The teams, college scouts, and everyone else would have all this to study meaning the games and strategy would constantly get more dynamic and interesting. Besides that it could be used for holographic simulation training on the field during practices too. It might be used around running tracks for pacers for distance runners, or ghostly pole vaulters where the athlete could follow through with the image beside them. The uses and applications are “limitless” and this makes it a totally worthy investment you see?

And, since there is a need, schools will opt to purchase these high-tech sports tools, so we’ve just started a whole new industry of holographic projection, which can then be used for just about anything in any industry. Please consider all this and think on it.